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S. Benjamins & Company, Inc.

People are the single ingredient that no organization—regardless of size or revenue—can thrive without. That’s why our focus and expertise has always been in the people business. For over a decade, our people-related Consulting Services have helped clients successfully plan for and implement strategies and new methodologies to attract, engage and hire the people they need. Our customizable Search Services allow clients to select their level of support from a full range of search options in order to find and hire the best management talent available.


Hewlett Greene

Receive high-quality professional services from Hewlett Greene (HGC). Whether your organization is just starting out or an established producer, Hewlett Greene can provide the resources and solutions you need, structuring your human resources discipline to fit your needs. Our expertise includes Transactional support to include Compliance measures in FLSA, OSHA, AAP, Policies and Procedures, Handbooks, Workflow automation and Risk Management. We also provide Tactical objectives including Salary Structuring, Bonus Plans, Performance Review Administrations, On-Boarding, Orientation and Re-Organization. Additionally, HGC performs Transformational HR support with Career Ladders, Training and Development, Succession Planning and Organizational Development. Let us assist you in building the culture and Total Human Resource environment you need to Provide Best Practices while attracting and retaining Top Talent for your business.

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