How Are We Unique?

The Seven Business Principles That Make Us Unique

We make a difference in all we do! Our core philosophy centers on a spirit of giving back to our clients, our candidates, and our team.


Our ability to deliver on commitments is powered by our capacity to understand our clients’ needs. With subject matter experts in a wide variety of disciplines, our expertise and knowledge guarantees our clients will get “the right talent at the right time.”

Our Workforce of the Future model is the foundation for building a team of entrepreneurial consultants whose real life experiences give them a thorough understanding of how to screen for cultural fit. It’s also one of the ways we distinguish ourselves from other staffing firms.



Our approach is Client-Centric, which simply means One Client – One Consultant. Bottom line, our consultants support one client at a time, rather than dozens in hopes of making one placement. They are 100% dedicated to your hiring needs, whether you need to hire one key individual or dozens. We design a different recruiting strategy for each client because each client has different needs. Our recruiting model ties directly into our client’s business strategy.

This approach enables our clients to hire quickly and efficiently, thus impacting workforce productivity.  Our consulting team meets with key executives to review workforce strategy, company initiatives, talent requirements, talent development plans, and compensation.

We are dedicated to building programs that fit each individual company. We don’t require that they fit into a generic solution.

Branding is yet another unique approach to ensure our clients are viewed as the employer of choice within their community. We focus on our client’s brand vs. our own.  We do this by serving as a silent partner for clients. Often, our client-centric approach means working alongside the client’s own recruiting team. Many organizations have a very strong human resources and staffing function, but want an equally robust firm that can staff special projects or out-of-state locations. By branding ourselves as our clients, the recruiting is seamless to candidates who are unaware that they are interviewing with an outsourced partner. Rather, they think they’re interviewing with the client.

We build a recruiting model that enhances our client’s current corporate staffing program and compliments their efforts rather than competes against them in a demanding and complex labor market. Workforce Solutions Group also builds the client’s brand during the recruitment process with customized career web sites.


Performance metrics, service level agreements, and recruiting plans with measurable benchmarks are in place for each client.

Workforce Solutions Group is NOT a typical staffing agency; we are a recruitment process outsourcing firm that assists organizations in meeting their employment goals quickly and efficiently. Our focus is to understand your mission critical initiatives and work with you to develop workforce planning strategies that will attract, acquire and retain the best and brightest talent.

We design and agree upon specific, measurable results through our service level agreements. If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed! This accountability ensures that your HR Consulting and Talent Solution needs are not only met, but also surpassed!



Our aptitude for utilizing technology produces quick and easy web-based tools that, in turn, supply our clients with instant access to all of their order activity. Online, our clients can post their hiring needs, track applicants, manage job offers, manage interviews and agreements, oversee job performance and completion, and monitor updates on the progress of all requisitions.


Our alliances with strong industry partners offer our clients a wide range of services from staffing to process building. Workforce Solutions Group has a nationwide network of HR and recruiting professionals placed in strategic markets across the country that are able to handle unique geography challenges. We’re as mobile as we need to be. With offices in California and Florida, we can service our large national clients coast-to-coast.

With the support of our partners, we are able to fill a variety of positions or handle special projects starting from as few as 10 openings to as many as 1,000 job openings annually.


Through our Brooklyn Elizabeth Chavez Scholarship program, we provide financial support to worthy individuals interested in obtaining an industry-specific higher education certificate. Upon completion of the program, the candidate joins our database as a certified professional in his or her field! This process ultimately provides us with a unique and loyal candidate pool for our clients. One Placement ~ One Scholarship. It’s that simple.

Attractive Pricing

Most human resources departments have been drastically downsized in an effort to cut costs and maintain profit, creating an increased reliance on traditional staffing agencies to fulfill ever-growing requisitions.

If you are like most companies today, chances are you simply don’t have the internal resources to effectively match your workforce strategy to your business strategy. Chances are your recruiting department is understaffed and your team is required to handle more administrative or HR-related tasks instead of dedicating their time and energy to pure recruiting.  You may be working with multiple vendors or utilizing multiple staffing solutions and, consequently, you are paying too much!

Our pricing models are creative, out-of-the-box and are designed to maximize our clients’ investment with our firm. Some of our programs allow our clients to change their HR consulting or recruiting costs from a variable to a fixed cost depending on their budget constraints; others are designed to save clients’ money by bundling the cost of fragmented workforce expenditures.

Experience the Talent Strategies difference.