Workforce of the Future

Talent Strategies's rapid growth and success with our clients can be attributed to the people we have working for us. Talent Strategies tackles servicing our national clients by hiring virtual consultants strategically placed in key markets across the country. “This virtual model allows us to offer a higher level of service to our national clients regardless of time zone or location” says Pamela Jung, CEO of Talent Strategies.

Pamela Jung started Talent Strategies and built the organization by creating a different kind of workforce model. “I felt there was an un-tapped pool of talent out there that couldn’t work a traditional schedule or no longer wanted to work a 40 hour week,” says Ms. Jung. In an effort to attract industry veterans and professionals and meet the needs of her clients, she targeted business professionals that wanted a lifestyle change.  Her flexible work model quickly grew.

Talent Strategies is able to provide job-sharing opportunities for those who have children in school or parents in adult day care. We can also accommodate hours for employees that need to take time off for doctors’ appointments, attend school plays, or watch their kids participate in sports programs. Additionally, we have carved out extra office space to allow employees to bring their kids to the office after school to do their homework. “The parent continues to work.  By the time they are ready to leave, the homework is done and they get to spend quality time with their kids at home,” says Jung.

“If you look at our society as a whole, our workforce is aging, more and more baby boomers are taking care of elderly parents, couples are embracing a downsized lifestyle, and a parent is choosing to stay home and raise their kids. Why not tap into this talented and often ignored workforce?” says Ms. Jung. Word soon began to spread that there is a different kind of company out there, one that embraces a non-traditional work environment.

Talent Strategies's success is attributed to our overall philosophy, which embraces giving back to our employees, our clients, and our candidates.

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